About me

Welcome to Elk Valley Blog - my newest obsession in creating an online community for our neighbors in Elk Valley, Elkhorn. Read more on the Welcome post.

My family and I have lived here for almost 13 years. I'm a foodie but not much of a cook. I love spicy food! I enjoy exploring different restaurants and cafe in town. You can always find me in a coffee shop, sipping coffee, chatting with people, or/and working on my laptop. I'm camera shy but photography is one of my biggest passions - portrait and food photography. My Instagram is filled with food photos. To survive anywhere, I only need these 5 things: fluffy blanket, red wine, coffee, dark chocolate, and jazz. (You're probably laughing right now because you're thinking: "she is not going to last very long.") Boxing is the only workout I do right now. Finally, I help people with their real estate needs, from marketing their house to searching for their dream home - and that's what I do for a living. 


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